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Patient Assistance Programs

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These results show pharmaceutical company programs for the selected drug(s).  These programs have eligibility requirements, such as income limits, and usually require that the applicant have no prescription insurance.

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Drug Name
Generic Name

Wellbutrin SR

bupropion hcl RXOUTREACH Rx OUTREACH Online Application Available

Wellbutrin XL

bupropion hcl RXOUTREACH Rx OUTREACH Online Application Available


bupropion HCL tablet RXOUTREACH Rx OUTREACH Online Application Available

Retailer Discount Programs

Search Results

These results show national or regional retail pharmacies that include the selected drug(s).  Clicking on “L” gives information on pharmacy locations.  Clicking on the pharmacy name gives a list of all drugs available through the program.  Clicking on “P” gives specific information for that pharmacy’s program.  These programs do not have eligibility requirements and do not require that an individual be uninsured. Some may have an annual enrollment fee.

This retailer discount program database was developed by Howard Hoyt and the Medical Infomatics Program at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida.  The search engine is dedicated in memory of Houston and Helen Hoyt.  RxAssist is responsible for its current maintenance and updating.
Generic Name
30 Day Qty
30 Day Price
90 Day Qty
90 Day Price
Brand Name
Program Details
Bupropion 75MgTab n/a n/a 180 $12.00 WELLBUTRIN Walgreens L P
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