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You can search our databases by generic or brand drug name or search by the pharmaceutical company name.


If you type in the medication’s full name, the name must be spelled correctly in order for the database to find that medication.  If you are unsure how to spell a drug name, type in as many letters as you know to be correct.   For instance, if you are looking for Lipitor, you can either type in the word "lipitor" or type "lip" in the search term box. If you type only a few letters, the search results will include lists of any term that begins with those letters. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to find your medication.

If an application is available online, you can either open (download) the application, type information directly onto the application on the screen and print it out or print out the application and fill it out by hand.  If there is no application online, use the phone number provided at the top of the Program Details page to call the company for information on how to get an application.

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Search our database to find current application forms and information on patient assistance programs.   Click here for detailed instructions.

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